Food trends

At this time of year, we love to have a look at what trends are set to make waves in the food and restaurant industries.

We also like to research and see if we can incorporate any of them into our own menus for the year.

‘Swicy’ foods

Foods that are a combination of sweet and spicy are going to be big in 2023. This can include honey, chilli, dark chocolate and even hot chicken.

South Korean cuisine features lots of options that suit the trend. And Korean cooking itself is also set to be big news too.

Make room for mushrooms

We don’t think mushrooms have ever really gone away, however it’s great to see people getting excited about them again.

This year will see a keen interest in speciality mushrooms, such as Oyster mushrooms, which are reported to have grown in use as appetizers by 100%.

Also look out for a variety known as Trumpet mushrooms, which are being used more than 75% more often on restaurant menus these days.

Butter boards

If you’re a TikTok user, you may have seen the viral trend for Butter Boards already. If not, think charcuterie boards with a butter base.

Creators use wooden boards, topped with butter in various swipes, swirls and designs, with delicious toppings. As a restaurant based on sharing, we love the idea of these with different toppings accompanied by fresh herbs, dates, walnuts, cashews, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

Emerging cuisines

We love to see relatively unknown cuisines make a name for themselves. In 2023, it is expected that Cuban cuisine, a combination of flavours inspired by Spanish and Caribbean influences, will be huge. Sri Lankan cuisine is another that looks set to be big this year, using key ingredients such as turmeric, garlic, coconut and cinnamon with various spice levels.

Pan-African cuisine will be a hit too. It’s made up of comforting stews, soups and rice-based meals, and is very adaptable.

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