Brunch Menu

Available until 2pm. The menu below is a sample menu and may change from time to time.

*denotes can be gluten free.

Olives marinated in wild garlic
Anchovies in oil
Basket of bread and olives
Homemade soup of the day (G/F)
Cup £2.50, Bowl £4.95
Manx kipper with two poached eggs on toasted sourdough*
Thick sliced (butcher's shop) bacon, sausage (Butler's Bangers), scrambled eggs, grilled tomato
Mashed avocado, chilli, poached egg, rocket, toasted sourdough*
Eggs Benedict Spelt style*
Chickpea, red pepper, egg, spinach and feta hash (G/F)
Baked Camembert and toast*
Lamb scrumpet, tomato jam and coriander
Chicken Bang Bang (free range chicken marinated in buttermilk), satay sauce, baby gem lettuce (G/F)
Chestnut mushrooms and garlic on sourdough toast*
Goats cheese arancini with bolognaise sauce (1) (G/F) (V)
Fillet of Brixham cod, carrot puree, carrot rosti, carrot, sprouting (G/F)
Gin cured salmon with grapefruit (G/F)
Celeriac steak with a red wine lentil cassoulet (G/F) (V)
Carrot and courgette, mozzarella roulade
Braised kleftiko of lamb, coriander and apricots, mint cous-cous

Sides for Brunch

Crispy fries (G/F)
Mac and cheese, truffle oil
Honey roasted whole carrots
Potato bravas with proper Spanish tomato sauce and garlic sauce (G/F)
Tender stem, chili oil and flaked almonds (G/F)


Empress rice pudding with cherry brandy-soaked fruit (G/F)
Old fashioned ginger parkin, mango sorbet, salted caramel, mango
Vanilla panna cotta with ginger infused rhubarb
Chocolate mousse cake with vanilla ice cream or cream
Sticky toffee pear pudding with vanilla ice cream
Ice cream

  • Vanilla
  • Raspberry ripple
  • Salted caramel
  • Mango sorbet

1 scoop £2, 2 scoops £3.95, 3 scoops £5.50

  • Godminster organic Cheddar
  • Smoked organic Godminster
  • Driftwoods goats
  • Helford Blue

Choose three cheeses for £8


Selection of teas & coffees
Elderflower soda
Blueberry and lime soda
Ruby red grapefruit and ginger soda
Ask for our range of wines, beers and ciders