Did you know you can match your star sign to your food choices?

Perfect for those looking to woo their loved one through food this February!

We’re providing our diners with details on how they can enjoy a meal themed to the signs of the zodiac to link with Valentine’s Day.

Every star sign has a selection of foods linked to it and we’re able to advise customers during Valentine’s week on which dishes would best suit their sign. We have created a sheet to hand out to guests when they order giving details of the foods that match their star signs. To see our sheet, please click here.

We’ve researched the astrological connections between star signs and food and have discovered that people who are Aquarius like a variety of strong flavours, including garlic and ginger, meanwhile Pisces folk are big fans of seafood.

It’s just a bit of fun really, but we do know lots of people take their star signs very seriously, so for some it will raise a smile and for others they will be really interested in the prospect of selecting a lunch that matches their star sign.

For further details or to book in for a Valentine meal with us or a B&B break staying at The Swan, please click here.

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