Food perfect for sharing

The food at Spelt is all about sharing, so no starters and no mains either, just a range of glorious dishes for everyone to tuck into at the same time.

The menu below is a sample menu and may change from time to time.

Sharing plates

Cod and prawn croquettes (2)
Mushroom and herb croquettes (2) (v)
Goats cheese arancini, bolognaise (v)
Moroccan houmous (v)
Marinated olives in wild garlic (v) (G/F)
Faux Gras
Melt in the middle pork and beef meat balls (G/F)
Brixham cod fillet, brown shrimp and chive sauce
Slow cooked Osso buco (G/F)
Stuffed quail with dates and prosciutto (G/F)
Half a tangdi free range chicken mint yoghurt (G/F)
Whole Cornish Brill (I kilo approx.) lemon and lime butter to share (G/F)
£30 plus 2 sides
16oz 28 dry aged sirloin on the bone to share bearnaise sauce fries (G/F)
Vegetable cottage pie (v) (G/F)
Thai vegetable curry
Brixham sardines garlic, chilli, olive oil (G/F)


Crispy fries (G/F)
Potato bravas (G/F)
Sprouting with chili oil (G/F)
Mac and cheese, truffle oil
Roasted beets and feta (G/F)


Ice cream

  • Vanilla
  • White chocolate and raspberry
  • Rum and raisin
  • Salted caramel

1 scoop £2, 2 scoops £3.95, 3 scoops £5.50

  • Godminster organic Cheddar
  • Smoked organic Godminster
  • Driftwoods goats
  • Helford Blue

Choose three cheeses for £8 or all four for £10
White chocolate pots blueberry yogurt (G/F)
Emperes rice pudding with cherry brandy soaked fruit (G/F)