This month, the much-loved pea is officially in season from now until October.

Grown in pods on a vine, peas belong to the same family as lentils, beans and peanuts.

Many people believe they are a vegetable, but they are actually an edible legume and the pods are a fruit, as the peas within them are seeds.

Benefits of peas

Not only do they brighten up your dinner plate, but peas are good for you too – hooray! They are rich in fibre and are one of the best plant-based proteins.

They are a great source of iron and contain magnesium, potassium and calcium, making them a good heart-friendly food.

They’re also rich in antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin C.

How to cook

They are literally easy-peasy to cook – boil them for around two to three minutes or you can steam for one to two minutes.

Add a bit of butter and enjoy!

Alternatively, you can blend them up into a perfect pea soup or use them in pastas or with fish dishes, the possibilities are endless.

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