If you’re a keen cook, then the best ingredient you can have in your kitchen, is fresh herbs. They’re super easy to grow too, so why not give growing your own a go this summer?

First things first, seek out a sunny spot in your kitchen for your herbs to grow in. Ideally this should be as close to the kitchen as possible, so you can just pop out the door and snip off what you need.

In your chosen spot, you’ll need to dig in plenty of compost and make sure the area is well-weeded.

If you don’t have a space in the ground for them, herbs also flourish in pots and containers too.

Pop in your plants and seeds and wait patiently. Young leaves are great for tossing into salads and new, fresh leaves of thyme, sage and tarragon tend to be more aromatic. You can continue to snip at your herbs to keep them looking good and to encourage more growth.

We love to use fresh herbs in all of our dishes. You can view our latest menu here and get in touch to book yourself a table to dine in with us.

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