Rural businesses

One of our key initiatives here is to support small rural businesses and local food producers wherever possible.

Our economy has been having a tough time recently and we’re all coping with the Coronavirus fallout and trying to get back to ‘normal’.

Here are 10 ways to help companies based in the countryside keep going.

They are important employers and, also, many help preserve the landscapes and views we all enjoy and would hate to lose.

  1. Shop locally using farm shops and box schemes. To find out more visit or
  2. Opt out of machine-made items where possible and look for artisan-made ones instead. For example, save-up and have special items like garden furniture, knobs and knockers made by a British blacksmith
  3. Help preserve our apple, pear and cherry varieties by planting and buying British ones if you can.
  4. Choose British cheese. We’re in the middle of a resurgence in cheese making in this country and there are more than 450 unique cheeses now being made in Britain.
  5. Buy British honey. Beekeeper numbers are dwindling in 1948 there were 76,000 nationwide now there are around 44,000 in England and Wales.
  6. Come and stay in the countryside and help boost rural economies by having a staycation here in the UK.
  7. Save rare breeds like the Whitefaced Dartmoor sheep. The rare Breeds survival Trust gives details of butchers that stock and market rare and traditional breeds
  8. We like to support local producers and farmers wherever possible so by eating with us you are supporting them too. Select places to eat based on where they source their ingredients from. Local produce will have travelled fewer miles so is not only fresher but also better for the environment.
  9. Buy Cornish sea salt This company has great eco credentials too!
  10. Go for British wool rugs and carpets – cutting down on the miles our piles have to travel to reach us and supporting our nation’s sheep farmers too.
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