Garlic is a very important ingredient in a lot of the dishes we serve up here, so we’ve done a bit of digging around and found out all about its benefits.

It has, traditionally, been used a remedy for sore throats, as it contains Allicin, which has antifungal and antibacterial properties. However, as we well know, it’s not great for your breath!

If you’re fighting off an infection, you might want to reach for some garlic, as consuming two to four cloves per day, or 1,200mg, of garlic extract can really help.

Your immune system will love you for eating garlic, as nature’s super food is packed with vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, B6, selenium and manganese.

Research has also shown that it can decrease osteoarthritis in women, contains other compounds that have been found to help protect cells in the heart and, also, lowers blood pressure.

So, next time you are deciding what to choose from a menu, or to cook for yourself at home, be sure to be generous with the garlic!

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