We love sea trout here at Spelt and it is a regular on our menu. We like to cure it with Wicked Wolf gin and citrus fruits and serve it up with yoghurt and fruits, it’s always a big hit with our diners.

We all know that eating fresh fish is good for us, but how good? We’ve put together the top five reasons to eat sea trout:

  1. It may significantly reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke thanks to the Omega 3 EPA/DHA it is packed with
  1. It’s great for your blood, nervous system and DNA, thanks to the Vitamin B12 within it, which may decrease the risk of birth defects, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and cancer
  1. The nutrient selenium, which can be found in sea trout, regenerates vitamins E and C, contributes to your antioxidant activity and enhances your immune system
  1. Your cells will thank you for eating sea trout, as the phosphorus in it is great for your energy and body maintenance
  1. It contains the vitamin B6 is great for your immune system and oxygen circulation.

So, next time you order sea trout from our menu, you know you’re getting something that’s not only delicious, but good for you too.

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