eating seasonally

It’s so important to support our Devon and Westcountry producers and growers, so we’ve put together some top tips on eating seasonally, so you can be more mindful in future.

Whether you’re dining with us in the future or somewhere else, or shopping in the supermarket for your own food, always try and buy British wherever possible. Buying British means it will have been grown according to the season it thrives in and you’ll be supporting nearby farmers and growers.

What you’re tucking into or buying won’t have had to of travelled thousands of miles by air or sea. It will also have been reared, grown or picked by hand, with more care taken than usual.

At this time of year buying British lamb is a great idea. Ask your butcher or chef where the livestock came from and what it was fed on.

Veggies such as beetroot, broccoli, artichoke, cauliflower and leeks, to name a few, are in season at this time of year.

If you grow your own at home then you might be spotting wild garlic and the young leaves of last year’s kale and cavolo nero growing happily. The young leaves of wild garlic are great for adding to lots of dishes and kale and cavolo nero leaves can be sautéed in butter.

We pride ourselves on sourcing as many of our ingredients as possible from within a 50-mile radius. Our menu (link) has been created to support our suppliers in the area and by eating with us you’ll be helping boost the Devon, Westcountry and British economies, which is good for jobs. Of course we can’t get some things in this country, like lemons, but we try our very best to source products that come from nearby and are seasonal.

We’re so looking forward to welcoming you back again once restrictions have lifted.

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