The inspiration for our restaurant came from our love of Barcelona, where tapas is hugely popular. Although we are not a tapas bar, we do offer diners a selection of different dishes to choose from in the form of ‘small plates’.

This allows you to graze at your own discretion and share dishes if you wish too.

But why have they become so popular?

Promoting healthy eating

The use of small plates enables chefs to create innovative small dishes using nutritious ingredients. Psychologically, diners are attracted to smaller, healthier looking plates of food rather than a bigger dishes that look difficult to get through.

Promotes social dining

Small plates encourage social dining and a shared dining experience for those that want it. Research has also shown that when business people are in negotiation together over lunch or dinner and share not just a meal, but a plate, they collaborate better and reach deals faster.


Smaller plates are known for their attractive presentations and therefore provide great content for Instagram photos, which can in turn lead to free promotion for us, which is great!

Reduces food waste

A super important topic at the moment is the reduction of food waste and how we can all do our bit. Small plates means chefs are able to utilise ingredients more fully and don’t make super-sized portions, that people simply can’t get through, causing food waste.

Try them for yourself…

If you’d like to give our small plates a try, why not book a table with us and choose some from our menu? We’d love to see you soon!

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