Here are some of the wonderful ingredients that you can find grown in the UK, that are in season in June and perfect for including in your recipes.

Globe artichoke

Their heads are wonderfully tasty when lightly griddled on a barbecue or fire pit. Follow this by drizzling them with a bit of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt.


You can use the whole of the plant in cooking. It has an aniseed flavour and is used mostly with fish, but it is also great in salads and with meats.


Chives have a delicate onion taste. Using kitchen scissors snip off some green stems and scatter them on salads or meats. The flowers can also be eaten. Scatter over any dish.


Thyme is a versatile plant. The lemon-scented variety smells fabulous. It tastes amazing mixed with butter and tucked under the skin of a slow-cooked chicken.


Great for including in salads but also if eaten whole and raw, depending on the variety, with butter and salt. Some varieties are great braised, others can be added to stir fries or pickled. If a radish tastes too powerful then peel it and it will then be milder.

Romaine lettuce

This one was very popular 20 years ago and is set to see a bit of a revival. Also known as Cos, this is a flavoursome, long-headed lettuce with crisp, green, narrow leaves. Perfect for a classic, retro Caesar salad with shavings of parmesan and croutons.


A 100g serving contains just 30 calories and, as long as you don’t have the cream, nearly no fat. Just eight strawberries have more vitamin C than an orange, that’s 140% of our daily recommended amount!

Also, in season are…

Broad beans, French beans, peas, carrots, beetroot, Swiss chard and spinach, as well as basil, mint, dill and oregano. If you enjoy your seafood, then mackerel, sardines and crab are also perfect in June too.

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