When you’ve slept in at the weekend and it’s too late for cereal, but too early for lunch, brunch is always the best solution.

You can tuck into delicious dishes such as avocado on toast, eggs benedict or something simple like toast, but you can also indulge in something heartier like sausage and bacon.

There are no rules when enjoying brunch and it will most likely set you up until dinner time.

There’s also no better opportunity than a weekend brunch to carve out some time to socialise with friends or family. You can be leisurely about it too and take your time, relaxing, sitting and chatting.

If you’re into your Instagram, then there’s nothing trendier than a snap of a beautiful plate of food. Just make sure it doesn’t go cold before you get that shot!

We offer a delicious breakfast/brunch menu created from some of the best locally sourced ingredients around. We know where our bacon and sausages come from and it’s just a stone throw away, so by brunching with us you’ll be helping support the Mid Devon farming community too.

You can pick from a selection of different dishes on our menu for yourself or for the table and graze at your own discretion, so you can share you brunch if you wish or keep it all to yourself!

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