Why it’s good to share food…Research suggests that eating alone is not good for us human beings. Great news for restaurants like ours.

In fact, sharing a meal makes you a better person, according to a study in the journal Appetite.

In primitive times, when eating was all about survival, food was served in the form of a hunted whole animal, it needed to be eaten quickly and had to be shared by several families.

The basis of civilization is closely connected with a need for cooperation with regards sourcing food and learning how to distribute it. Promoting mortality and equality.

Researchers in Belgium surveyed students at the University of Antwerp. Asking them how often they ate home-cooked family meals with their parents and siblings during their childhood.

They also asked about their pro-social behaviour or altruistic acts towards others. Such as giving directions to strangers, offering their seats on public transportation, helping their friends move, and volunteering.

Those who shared meals more frequently in their childhood scored higher with regards altruistic behaviour.

Serve food in a family-style or on sharing platters and people will engage with their more pro-social selves.

Next time you meet friends and family for dinner, consider booking in with us. A restaurant that promotes delicious share-able dishes. Great for your taste buds and also wonderful for your social well-being too. Remember why it’s good to share food.

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